Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Talk to that Mountain

 Greetings, My Friends;

If you watch any preachers, or read their books, they speak of talking to your mountain. In Mark Chapter 11 verses 23 and 24. Jesus says," for assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain be thou removed and be cast into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says".
 I believe when Jesus told this to his apostles, He was not referring to when actual amount. He used that word to describe obstacles in our lives that may seem to us as big as a mountain. Examples might be, finding a job, dealing with debt, drugs, or smoking. Any hard things in our lives can be like a mountain.
Let me tell you a story of something that happened recently in my life. Every word is true, no exaggeration or fluff. Last summer was very hot with no rain. It started in early spring. Before it started, though, my lawn was thick, green, and the best looking grass around. My wife's favorite tree got some kind of disease, and the lawn had practically no grass. 95%. Looked like a desert landscape.
Needless to say, I was unhappy. I started to think about replacing the lawn, but that is pricey. I thought about seeds. I didn't know what to do and I thought about that verse from Mark. I then realized I had my own personal mountain. I decided to talk to the lawn and tree. The thought crossed my mind that the neighbors would probably think I was crazy talking to the lawn and tree. The Lord put it in my heart that faith is nothing to be ashamed of. My wife and I agreed together to talk to those mountains.
We looked at the lawn,  or what used to be a lawn and said, lawn. we command you in Jesus name, be lush, green, and better than ever. We then spoke the same way to the tree. Every day we tell the lawn and tree how beautiful they are. That was this spring.
The tree is now disease-free and hasn't been this beautiful in year's. The lawn is looking great again. The mountains have been moved in Jesus name.  I know it sounds like a fairytale to a lot of people, but every word is true. You can move your mountain too. No mountain is too big for the word of God. Praise the Lord!
God bless you and remember,
 Jesus loves you!

"Oh God in heaven, I believe with all my heart that Jesus has been raised from the dead. I receive your word, and I repent of sin. I renounce the past. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus. I receive my forgiveness. I receive the new birth, cleansed and washed in the Word and in the precious blood of Jesus. Fill me with Your Spirit, in Jesus name. Amen."