Monday, June 3, 2013

Gods will for your life

Greetings, My Friends;
For many years I practically drove myself nuts wondering about God's plan for my life. I prayed about it, I listened to countless CDs and preachers trying to find a plan.
I must confess that it was a challenge to deal with. If something came into my mind, I was like most people. I needed a couple of confirmations and some sign to convince me. Needless to say, none of that happened.
The Bible says plenty about how much God wants to bless you, especially if you are doing his will. When you do the Lords will you get unbelievable sense of peace in your heart. You have a whole new outlook on life. You become thankful for even the smallest things in your life because you know that they are blessings from God.
One day I took my wife's advice and started to relax about it. If I had any brains, I would have listened to her sooner. I believe God used her to get into my hard head. I did relax and asked the Lord to help me find his will.
After a few days I was just relaxing and I felt like the Lord spoke to my heart. He said that his will was put in my heart as desires. I should pray about what was in my heart. It didn't go against the word, and I felt peace in my heart, go for it. It is the plan. It is indeed, it was his plan, it would be successful. Step out in faith, follow the peace and God would do the rest.
It sounds pretty simple. It is pretty simple. Don't let your heart or negative thoughts from the evil one rob you of the joy of doing God's will. You win, Satan loses.
Prayer of salvation;
"Oh God in heaven, I believe with all of my heart that Jesus has been raised from the dead. I receive your word, and I repent of sin. I renounce the past., Come into my heart, Lord Jesus. I receive my forgiveness. I receive the new birth, cleansed and washed in the Word and in the precious blood of Jesus. Fill me with Your Spirit, in Jesus name. Amen."
Always remember;

Jesus Loves You