Monday, April 29, 2013

Welcome To The Minarcik Ministries

Hello My Friends
I am Sebastian Minarcik of Minarcik Ministries.

The idea behind our blog and social outlets is to take all thoughts, both yours and mine and think about them.  Our personal ideas, beliefs and dreams will be put out there for everyone to see and hopefully, interact with us.  The endeavor is aimed at finding open minded people to discuss the topics of the day.  Your topics and issues are just as important as mine, possibly more important.  We will never preach, but put forth ideas to ponder.  Feedback on both of our parts is crucial, so never be afraid to express yourself.  
Topics will be taken from the Bible, daily devotionals, life in general and ALL suggestions from our readers.  
In the very near future, we plan on having a You Tube page and utilizing the Google + hang out features so we can get to a more personal level with each other.  We are also planning on an online Bible Study and discussions once a week.
We want this to be an interesting and enjoyable learning experience for all of us.  We will strive to have new content each and every day.
Join us, everyone is welcome.

Official start date will be:  5/12/13