Sunday, June 9, 2013

Prayer For Others

Greetings, My Friends;
When you pray for someone else, it is supposed to be the most powerful kind of prayer. The Lord looks on anything you do for or to someone as doing it to him.
First, let us clear up a misconception that is held by many people. God does not cause catastrophes, diseases, addictions, or any other kind of tragedy. God does not kill people, including children, because he wants them back. We live in a fallen world ruled by Satan. Throw in man with his free will, and you have quite a recipe for disaster. God allows us to exercise our free will, in order for us to see how much we need him.
If you have a loved one who has a serious problem, such as an addiction to various things, or is out of work, has a bad marriage, debt problems, or any other problem,  remember only God can help. Many times we do not know the whole story, and even though we have the best intentions make matters worse.
You and God make a powerful team. Get in touch with the ultimate recycler. God's arm is not too short. He created, you He can fix what He created. Jesus died and rose again to forgive our sins, heal our afflictions and bring us eternal life if we accept and believe He is our Savior.
Make sure there is no unforgiveness or anger against anyone in your heart. The more love you feel for the person you are praying for the better. The prayer must be sincere, not just words. These prayers can heal our afflictions; heal troubled marriages, and anything else you can think of. Satan will try to discourage you, so the results might take a little while. Faith in Jesus willingness to heal always wins.
If you take all of this into consideration, your prayer might sound something like this. Let us use a troubled marriage for example. Father in heaven, I come to you because my marriage is in trouble. You are the one who created marriage to begin with, so I know it is important to you. Father I ask you in Jesus name through the power of the Holy Spirit to heal my marriage.  I ask you to correct anything that has caused our problems. It is written," whatever you ask the Father in My name, believing you have what you ask,  it will be given to you." Father, I stand on Your word and claim a healed and loving marriage in Jesus name. Amen.
The same type of prayer can be used for any problem. Just make sure your heart is clean and you will receive with what you ask in Jesus name. Just believe you have what you ask, receive it,  thank the Lord for giving it to you. Ignore any negative thoughts or comments from friends. See the whole situation through your spiritual eyes.  Speak  life to your marriage, and all of your prayers and beliefs  will be generated in the spiritual world and manifested in the physical world in time. A prayer does not have to be like a novel. Jesus used very few words when he healed someone. Generally, all he said was be healed. No man can improve on what he did. Always pray with boldness and confidence knowing that your prayer will be answered. Jesus never fails, and he always says yes.

Jesus Loves You