Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gods Creation

Greetings, My Friends;
Today I am kind of sidetracked. This is a story that might be somewhat reminiscent of something that you experienced some time in your life.
Last Thursday, my wife and I went to visit one of my sons in Door County, Wisconsin. It is a few hundred miles from our home, and takes several hours to get there.
Just as anyone would do, I got on the toll road. As you can imagine, traffic was pretty heavy, and everyone was speeding, including yours truly. I call it self defense, to keep from being run over. A poor excuse I suppose. We kept this up until we were good way past Milwaukee. It was then,  my wife and I decided to take what we call the scenic route. We got off the expressway.
We usually do this, because it is like entering a new world. For the most part, our speed is drastically  reduced . We drive on country roads. My wife enjoys seeing cows and horses spending their days eating and enjoying their surroundings. You go through many small, even tiny towns and watch how people go about their business. We will usually have something to eat in a no name, ma and pa place. We are in no hurry, so a casual conversation is welcome to us.
When we got to my son's place, it was very peaceful and beautiful. We went to bed at the start of a downpour. I don't know how much of the sound was from the rain, the trees, or both. What a pleasant way to fall asleep. My son lives in a heavily wooded piece of land among the trees. When we got up, there were 2 dear, a mother and her little one, not 20 feet from our window. They were in no hurry to leave, I guess they knew they were safe.
After breakfast, we went exploring as we call it. Since we were only a couple of blocks from Lake Michigan, we went to the marina. A few charter boats were just leaving with their cargo of happy tourist fisherman. We walked out to the tip of the marina and sat looking at the lake. There was a stiff  breeze, making it feel cooler than it was. The sun warmed my bare skin, and it felt so good I could have stayed all day. Only our Lord could accomplish all of this.
Next we checked out vast areas of beach. Beautiful, clean beaches with no people except us. The small white caps were rolling in with their distinctive sound. The sun was bright and warm, and you could feel the power in the lake. In spite of its size and power, the Lord set boundaries where the water could go.  Absolutely beautiful and pleasant to look at.
That night we sat on the deck and looked at the sky. It was as though I had never seen it before. The number of stars was unimaginable. If I was Abraham, and the Lord told me that my descendents would be as many as the stars, I could not imagine a world big enough to hold all of the people. It seems impossible that anyone could look up in the sky, see all of these stars and deny the existence of God. Every one of the stars is where it is supposed to be and doing what it is supposed to do. Chance? I think not.
A couple of days later, we went to small-town to see their parade. Hundreds of people showed up. The highway was closed.  To a city slicker, this probably seemed like a joke. Everyone there, including us was there to have a good time. No marching bands, no impressive floats, just regular people and homemade floats. The whole parade took about 15 or 20 min. People were so nice to each other. We needed to use a bathroom, so we took a chance and went into very nice motel on the route. With hundreds of people around, the person in charge of the motel was very accommodating and very nice.
On Sunday morning we went to a small farmers market on the lawn at city hall. Everyone looked like they were there to socialize, and if they bought or sold, so much the better. My son had his 2 Basset hounds with him because they love people and they attract people. One of the vendors gave the dogs some water because they looked like they could use it, even though we didn't buy anything. I think when most people are away from the stress of everyday life; they start to act as God intended. We had an absolutely wonderful time.
Yes, we took the scenic route home. Check out the pictures. We saw the creator's hand and love everywhere.
God bless you and remember,
Jesus loves you.
Prayer of salvation;
"Oh God in heaven, I believe with all of my heart that Jesus has been raised from the dead. I receive your word, and I repent of sin. I renounce the past. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus. I receive my forgiveness. I receive the new birth, cleansed and washed in the word and in the precious blood of Jesus fill me with your spirit, in Jesus name. Amen."