Sunday, June 1, 2014

Do It The Smart Way

Greetings My Friends
A while back, I wrote a brief description of what I believe was an encounter with Jesus in October of 1972. At that time I really was not aware of how to pursue that incredible experience. I was absorbed by raising my sons, being a husband, and a provider. Unfortunately that happens to most of us. We feel we must love, protect, and provide for our families in order for them to have the best life possible.
I did it my way. There were various struggles over the years with health issues and money mostly. We survived. I developed the idea that I was someone who could always face a challenge and do what it takes. This went on up until a few years ago.
I am not sure when I rediscovered the Lord. It happened gradually. I slowly began to search out the Lord. I found that I had peace in my heart most of the time. I started hearing him in my heart. Of course in the beginning, I thought it was some kind of sixth sense .
I wondered why it seemed that my life didn't change. I started the old regret thing. If I had known then, I would have become a preacher, I would've raised my family with God. My job would've been better. Sound familiar? Instead of a pity party, let's look at some facts.
First of all ,those lies are only are satan trying to condemn us. He wants us to think that God let us down. He wants us to think that God imposed His will on us. Again, more lies.
When I look back now, I see a couple of things without even looking. God loved me so much that he took the chance that I would reject Him, in order for Him to help me.
I always had free will. I did my thing, and He helped me by stopping my bad decisions from putting us under. He always tried to communicate, but I either didn't know, or I ignored Him. It was so gentle that I didn't realize it was happening.
God will let you do it your way if you insist, but you would be much better off to do it His way. He helps you to see what is important in life. Salvation was bought and paid for by Jesus. God wants to adopt you, and goes out of His way to show you. He has a plan for your life, which is much better than anything you can plan. With this short story, I hope you will find peace that only God can give, and avoid 40 years learning the lessons. When you get closer to God, He gets closer to you. I had a lot in common with people Moses led. Open your heart, get rid of the pride, and see what Jesus did for you, and is doing for you. Now I sincerely ask for guidance before I do anything.
Remember Jesus Loves You
Prayer of Salvation

Father I repent of all my sins. I know that Jesus suffered and died for me to forgive those sins. By His stripes I was healed. He died and rose again to make salvation possible. I ask you Jesus to come into my heart and be my personal Savior. Help me to live according to your plan. Thank you Lord.