Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Trinity

Greetings My Friends;
Many people get a little confused when they think about the Trinity. The concept of three gods in one can be a little difficult to understand. Personally, I thought about it for a long long time. I believe it was by enlightenment from the Holy Spirit, that sorted it  out in my mind. It is almost like I took ownership of the idea.
I looked at God the Father as my father figure. I speak to Him just as you would an earthly father that you are sure loves you. The conversation is honest, and comforting. I feel that I can tell Him absolutely anything that is on my mind, without fear of condemnation. I also feel that what the Word says is true, so I count on it when I talk to Him.
When I talk to Jesus, I feel all of His love and compassion. I look at Him, as the reason for my salvation, and the reason for all good things in my life. My sins are forgiven, and by His stripes I was healed. I also believe, that He is an iintermediary between me and the Father if needed.
I look at the Holy Spirit as the power. He is also the comforter, and teacher, that Jesus promised when he rose from the dead. I speak to the Holy Spirit all of the time. I ask Him for help, guidance, and advice, about everything. I have come to the point, where I speak to Him about helping me, with every project I start. If I do forget, and get into trouble, because I thought I knew how to do something, He never fails to bail me out when I ask Him.
This may seem oversimplified, but you may want to try it. It works for me, because I am comfortable looking at t that way.
God Bless You And Remember
 Jesus Loves
Prayer of Salvation;
Father, I come to you a sinner, and I ask forgiveness. I truly repent, and believe with all my heart that Jesus died and rose again. I also believe I am washed in His blood, forgiven of all my sins, and by His stripes I am healed. With all my heart I accept Jesus as my personal Savior.