Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Greetings My Friends;
As we go about our daily lives, it is not uncommon, for us to be unhappy about something. Maybe our car is acting up, or our boss is crabby. There are many things, that happen in every day life that are a total nuisance. There is too much traffic going to work, the newspaper was not delivered on time, you get the idea.
Well I used to feel that way quite a lot, but then when I started giving it some thought, I started  realizing how blessed I am, and I started to see things differently.
For instance, when I would sit in traffic in my car, with the air-conditioning on, and the day hot and humid, I realized how blessed I am that I have such a convenient way to get where I am going. I don't have to ride the bus, ride a bike, or walk. I don't have to sweat. In a situation like this, how much more can you ask for?
Take your job, the job you may be unhappy with, would probably be a blessing to many other people. Your wife or children, are probably more loving and kind, then a lot of other wives and children, especially if the children don't get into serious trouble.
Well my friends, this is true about everything. You may live in a house or a neighborhood that you are not totally happy with. I hate to sound melodramatic, but as the old saying goes, there are millions of people who would like to be in your shoes.
We could go on and on with many things, but I really don't think we need to, because we have seen examples of what could be applied to anything. All we have to do, is realize how blessed we are, compared to most people.
It is written, that God is very unhappy with people that complain. I have found out personally, that until I am happy with what the Lord gave me, he will not improve the situation. I look at it this way. What we have and do in life, is all guided by the Lord for our own good. He wants us to be with him in eternity. We can kick and scream, and talk about how unfortunate we are,  but as you probably know, that will not change anything.
So my own personal thought is, if the Lord looks out for me, as I pay attention to him, and look out for other people. We must all count our  blessings, because in spite of what we think sometimes, most of us are truly blessed. Recognizing that, makes the Lord happy.
God Bless You And Remember
 Jesus Loves You
Prayer of Salvation;
Father, I come to you a sinner, and I ask forgiveness. I truly repent, and believe with all my heart that Jesus died and rose again. I also believe I am washed in His Blood, forgiven of all my sins, and by His Stripes I am healed. With all my heart I accept Jesus as my personal Savior.