Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Joy Of Salvation

Greetings My Friends
Most of us who have been saved, take it for granted and hardly give it a thought. The greatest gift God could give us through Jesus, and many of us treat it like it is nothing.
I was just as guilty for years, because I didn't know what I had. If I was God, and someone had my attitude, I would probably have taken it back and struck him dead. Fortunately for the world, I am not God, and the God who is, knows only forgiveness  for His creation because of Jesus.
When you ask the typical Christian, and I have, what salvation means to them, they usually tell you that they don't have to go to hell. While that is true, salvation is so much more than that. Religion in general has failed to some degree to teach people about what they are entitled to. People say the prayer of salvation and think that that is all there is to it.
When you become a child of God through salvation, you are entitled to a fabulous life on earth if you follow Jesus. If you study the Word and meditate on it, you will find that if you get yourself out of the picture and do as Jesus did, nothing is impossible to you. As a matter of fact, He told His apostles that they would do greater works than He did by doing it in His name.
The word talks about the Holy Spirit and the power associated with Him. He is part of the package. If you believe in your heart, you will probably end up with the same faith that raised Jesus from the dead.
Read the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs, over and over. Before you read each day, ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand what you are reading ,in Jesus name. An NLT study Bible is good, so is an ESV  version.
Like me, you will begin to appreciate the greatest gift a person could get. We should all look at the date of our salvation as our real birthday, because we are born into the kingdom of the most high God, and that is as joyful an occasion as there can be. Heaven for all eternity, sounds like a mighty fine thing to me.
Remember Jesus Loves You
Prayer of Salvation
Father I repent of all my sins. I know that Jesus suffered and died for me to forgive those sins. By His stripes I was healed. He rose again to make salvation possible. I ask you Jesus to come into my heart and be my personal savior. Help me to live according to your plan. Thank you Lord.