Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dealing With Complainers

Greetings My Friends
In this modern world, everyone, well almost everyone has stress and pressure of all kinds to deal with. It is pretty normal for people to be crabby, angry, depressed, and complaining.
I have even noticed that many people who do not have the same stress and pressure to deal with, act the same way. Some of these people look for something to get upset about. They probably even get upset because they cannot find anything real to get upset about. It has become second nature to them.
After I found Jesus, and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I became one of those who are not overcome very easily by circumstances. Anyone can do the same, it is open to all through Jesus.
I found out with a few neighbors and friends, even family members, how to deal with people who are always in a bad mood. At first I tried to speak faith filled words. It was as if they didn't hear, and were on a mission to complete their litany of disasters. Even the smallest thing, like the mail coming a half-hour late seemed to really upset their day.
After a while of listening to all this stuff, I stuck Jesus name in the conversation, and found that it was a good way to get rid of them. They had to leave all of a sudden
I really like these people and want to help them, but it got to a point where I wanted to hide when I saw them coming. I must admit they were starting to get to me. Finally, the answer that came to me was simple, and it will work for you. As someone is complaining, my mind is praying for them. This by the way is a recent development. After they leave, I send them a silent blessing. I know a few of these people for over 20 years, and I would love to see them find Jesus. I figure if I keep up with my latest remedy they will eventually accept Him.
Remember Jesus Loves You
Prayer of Salvation
Father I repent of all my sins. I know that Jesus suffered and died for me to forgive those sins. By His stripes I was healed. He rose again from the dead to make salvation possible. I ask you Jesus to come into my heart and be my personal Savior. Help me to live according to your plan. Thank you Lord