Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Convince Your Mind

Greetings My Friends
Faith is something most of us at one time or another felt was impossible. It is pretty easy to say just believe, but the reality of it is somewhat more difficult.
We have heard quite a few preachers lately, talking about the power of words. I believe they are correct, they also believe they don't go far enough. They don't say very much about how it works.
Let us start with negative words. You generally say negative words as a  kind of reflex action. As you go through life, you are constantly facing stress, mishaps, injustice, aggravation, and so on. Your mind is so conditioned to negative circumstances that they get to be a part of life. Fear of disaster also comes into it.
Negative words produce negative results. People are so accustomed to things going wrong in their life, that there faith and bad outcomes is very powerful, so what they expect comes to pass.
Now let's take a look at faith filled words. First you have to start working on getting the junk out of your mind. This will take effort. Stop saying negative things. Saying nothing rather than the wrong thing. Don't even joke about things. Tell yourself over and over that you can overcome in Jesus name.
Next, start filling your brain with inspirational thoughts. Daily devotionals are a good start. Get into the Word every day. If you don't have a study Bible and are having trouble understanding some things, just study the words of Jesus. Anyone can understand Him.
Find and say something positive as often as possible. The more you work on conditioning your mind with good stuff, the faster you will grow. Start out commanding your desired result in Jesus name, and make your mind see and believe. Jesus never spoke the problem, just His desired result.
Someone may tell you that you are brainwashing yourself. Negative works the same way. Think about this. A lion cub when it is small gets frightened and is a target of larger animals. He watches and imitates his parents. Then one day he wakes up and realizes that he is the King in this jungle, and fears nothing.
It is written, "as a man says in his heart, so is he". You are what you say and believe.
Remember Jesus Loves You
Prayer of Salvation
Father I repent of all my sins. I know that Jesus suffered and died for me to forgive those sins.  By His stripes I was healed. He rose again to make salvation possible. I asked you Jesus to come into my heart and be my personal savior. Help me live according to your plan. Thank you Lord