Sunday, May 25, 2014

Relationship With God

Greetings My Friends
I believe the word relationship does not have the same meaning to all people. Most of the time our definition fits the circumstances at the time. True relationship goes much deeper than that.
Suppose you tell someone that you know a particular individual. The person you are talking to, does not know if you know details about the person you are talking about, or you just know of him. I think you'll agree that there is a big difference between the two.
Relationships are the same way. You may know Jesus from the Bible, because of the words you read. That is not a relationship. A true relationship requires that you throw your whole self into it.
Take for example your spouse. You get to know everything about that person. You think of that person all during the hours you are awake. Not constantly, but often. You may say I love you before you are even fully awake. You do things that you know will please them. When they are at home, an I love you once or twice a day is beautiful. That my friends is part of a real relationship.
To have a real relationship with Jesus is what he wants too. We are to love the Lord with all of our heart, mind, and body. Sound difficult? Scare you? I think if we work at a relationship with Jesus that is meaningful, we would find that it is well worth the effort. In a true relationship, you know without a doubt how the other person will react to any given situation.
Just get to know Jesus the same way you get to know anything. Study, meditate, and put into practice, what he says in the word. Take a verse of Jesus teaching in context and meditate on it all day. The next day find another verse, and do the same thing. Talk to the Holy Spirit, and ask for guidance.
One morning you will wake up, rub your eyes, and hear yourself saying; good morning Lord, I love you. That my friends is the beginning of a true relationship. You'll also start to realize how much Jesus loves you too.
Remember Jesus Loves You
Prayer of Salvation

Father I repent of all my sins. I know that Jesus suffered and died for me to forgive those sins. By his stripes I was healed. He rose again from the dead to make salvation possible. I ask you Jesus to come into my heart and be my personal Savior. Help me to live according to your plan. Thank you Lord.