Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ways To Pray Continued

Greetings My Friends;
An over whelming number of Christian teachers, will tell you never to use the phrase "Lord if it be thy will", or even think of it. They call it a faith killer, especially if you are praying for healing.
The Bible is full of verses that show how Jesus never refused to help someone. Jesus always spoke the answer, not the problem. He told us to speak to the mountain. The mountain of course is whatever the problem is or regardless of how big it is. The big requirement to getting prayers answered is faith. His will is always to help us.
I write about my own situations a lot because I believe other people go through much of the same thing. I feel my stories may help someone realize that they aren't the only ones struggling with something.
Since I became a Christian, I read a lot of books written by preachers, especially old-timers. Reading the Bible is a daily thing. CDs are a help, you always learn something. I do this stuff to build my faith. I tell you these things not in a boastful way, but to show you what can happen if you get too concerned with learning. Sometimes you have a tendency to think too much.
I arrived at the point in my prayer life where I believe in the power of prayer so much that it was causing me a problem. How can there be a problem you may ask? Well here it is.
We have all heard that God has a plan for each of us. His plan is the best. Well one day I prayed about something, I don't even remember what it was. Then I started thinking that maybe that was not God's plan, and if it wasn't, I didn't want it. Well I tell you what, that kind of prayer and thinking will go no where.
The next thing I did was pray that I follow His plan for everything, and to help me keep my two cents out of it. Then I read that God does not do things like that because we have free will, and must make our own decisions. Now what do I do?
Then one day I was talking to the Lord, and it came to me. I told the Lord about everything in my heart. I said to Him, Lord you know what is in my heart, and you know what your plan for me is. Open the doors and give me your guidance so that I can make the right decision.
I am of the group that believes in praying in the spirit. When I don't know how to pray about something, I let the Holy Spirit do it for me. To me this is the most effective thing you can do. For me at least it leaves no doubt. I believe I have what I ask for as soon as I pray. I also believe that the spirit prays God's plan.
All of these ways to pray are good. Find a way comfortable for you that helps you to believe the result. Just remember as I've said many times, the Lord hears your prayers, and He always answers prayers for your good.
Remember Jesus Loves You
Prayer of Salvation;
Father, I repent of all my sins. I know Jesus suffered, died, and rose again for me. I acknowledge Jesus as my personal Savior, and I ask Him into my heart.
A blessing from the Lord through Aaron the priest to the people;
God Bless You and Keep You
God cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you
God lift up His face unto you and give you His peace