Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Greetings My Friends;
Sometimes you hear someone ridicule fasting. As a matter of fact I heard someone the other night, saying that people believe that if they fast, that their prayers will be answered. It looked as if he thought that those who fasted were foolish. It looks like he doesn't know very much about prayer or fasting. Think about what comes next, believe me it works.
Prayer works all the time, whether you fast or not. This is how it works for me. I ask the Lord for healing for instance. I thank him for hearing my prayer. I tell Him I thank Him for giving me my request, and that I receive it right now. At that point you believe you have what you prayed for just as a little child would believe. Visualize it in your heart and mind.
satan will probably attack you, so just tell him it is written "that he has no power over you in Jesus name" if he persists, do what I do. Thank the Lord for your result and just talk to Him. 99% of the time that's all it takes to make satan leave. Keep at it. Speak only faith filled words from that point on. Do not let him steal your victory.
Now we come to fasting the way we believe it should be. After we have received in our hearts whatever it is we prayed for, we fast as a way of thanking the Lord for answering our prayers. Remember just because your prayers haven't been manifested yet does not mean they haven't been answered. You must believe and thank the Lord for the result as it already showed up in the physical world. This is very important.
Fasts vary by what you want to do.
Three day fast, only water and clear broth.
21 day Daniel fast, fruit and vegetables and nothing more except water.
These two fast are the most popular, with many variations on the Daniel fast. It is called the Daniel fast because of what Daniel of the Lions den did.
The more talking to God during a fast, the closer you will get to Him. The rewards over time are great, especially the faith and peace you receive. You start to look at the fasting as something that becomes a part of your life. You might want to think about a three day fast once a month, or a couple of times a year. Just do one that you can handle for starters. It should be however, some sacrifice.
Remember Jesus Loves You
Yahweh bless you and keep you
Yahweh cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you
Yahweh lift up His faith unto you and appoint unto you peace