Thursday, April 3, 2014

Follow The Holy Spirit

Greetings My Friends;
There are quite a few people who are Christian, and saying that they would like to follow the Holy Spirit's leading, but they don't know how. I can tell you from personal experience, that sometimes it is easy, and sometimes it is hard. I'll explain.
If you are born again, you have the Holy Spirit in you. He speaks to your heart all the time, whether you realize it or not. He is here to teach, guide, advise, comfort, educate, and whatever else we need.
You may be saying "that all sounds good but". You guessed it, as with everything else, there is a catch. If you want to hear Him there are a few things you must do.
First understand, that now he is in you. At this point as I always say, read the Word, study it, meditate on it. I am not saying you have to do this constantly. Take the first part of your day, and do two or three chapters. If you have to, get up a half-hour earlier. You would do that to go fishing or to play golf, right?
Next live your life the way Jesus instructs us to; to the best of your ability. Ask God to help you do that, it's no crime. The next thing you have to remember, is that the Bible is a set of directions for life, written by Jesus Himself. The Holy Spirit is here to help us in every way, including understanding the directions.
Since this is what you are dealing with, it just makes sense that in order to participate, we must understand those directions too. The more we read the directions, the more we become a part of the plan. A good study Bible helps a lot. The English standard translation, or the American Standard, are good choices.
Now comes the exciting part. All of this is like a volume knob on your stereo. The more you learn, the louder the voice seems. Always listen to the voice, if it lines up with the Word of God, follow it. That is why you must have knowledge of the Word. He will talk to you constantly. Just get practice listening for His voice, and believe me you will hear it. So whether or not you hear the spirit really depends on you, because He is always there.
Remember Jesus Loves You
A Blessing from the Lord, Given through Aaron the Priest To the People
God Bless You and Keep You
God cause His face to shine upon you
God Lift up His Face Unto You, And Give You His Peace
Prayer of Salvation:
Father I ask you to forgive all my sins. I know Jesus suffered, died, and rose again for me. I acknowledge Jesus as my personal Savior, and I invite him into my heart. Thank you Lord