Sunday, January 18, 2015

Patience Is a Weapon

It Is Written, Hebrews 10:36, for you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise.
Have you ever considered the word patience? It can be a weapon against satan. You need it to make your faith and trust grow. If you don't have patience, satan will use it as a weapon against you. He will try to diminish your faith, and if he has his way, he will steal your blessings.
Even though most of us realize what was just said, we sometimes find it very difficult to be patient. No matter what happens a part of the problem with patience is the circumstances we find ourselves in. When many people pray for something, for instance a healing, they hardly ever give a thought to patience.
We have been taught to have faith and trust in the Lord when we pray. We try really hard to do that. We don't realize it takes patience to wait for our answer. As a result, doubt and fear can sneak in through satan trying to take advantage of a lack of our patience.
It occurred to me as I write this, that most of us have trouble seeing some basic facts. Doubt and fear are prayer blockers. Here comes the main point. When we doubt or fear, we end up with a self fulfilling prophecy. Our prayers go unanswered because they were blocked. It started with the lack of patience.
So if the above is true, and it is, the solution is simple. When you pray for something, recognize up front that the answer will probably not be instant. It will take some time, so fill your head with positive thoughts. Know that God hears and answers. Relax and rest in faith and trust in a God who loves you. He will answer.
Before you say you can't do that, take a look at your relationship with God. You believe he loves you? If the answer is yes, you can do it. If the answer is no, you need to get to know our Lord better.
It may take you a while to get there, but always remember the Holy Spirit is waiting to help you, if you let him, and ask. Praise the Lord!
Remember Jesus Loves You
Prayer of Salvation
Lord Jesus, I thank you for what you did on the cross for me. Your blood washed away all my sins, by your stripes I was healed, your death and resurrection brought me salvation. Please forgive my sins, and come into my heart as my personal Savior.
Thank You