Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What Bible Heroes Did

Greetings My Friends;
Many of us condemn ourselves at one time or another. In spite of being under grace, our thinking sometimes reverts to the law. We feel guilty about all kinds of things. Sometimes we create more serious problems, just because we worry so much. Worry blocks prayer, and causes even more doubt and condemnation that we put on ourselves.
I believe that God is grieved by these actions. He gave us His son for our forgiveness. When we carry on the way I just described, it is like telling God that we don't trust Him, and it makes it look like what Jesus did had no value. Time to rethink and trust.
Old Testament heroes had all sorts of problems. Being under the law didn't help them very much. When we look at some of the things they did, and were forgiven for, we should realize even more  how blessed we are being under grace. I name a few of the problems they had, as an illustration,and is not as a condemnation of them.
Abraham was a liar, and had a child with Hagar because he didn't trust God completely.
Isaac was a deceiver and a cheat.
Jacob was a deceiver and a cheat.
Moses was a murderer.
David was an adulterer and a murderer.
Solomon allowed idols in spite of what God said.
They were quite a group, but God did look at them with carnal eyes. They paid for their sins, and God forgave them. If you get technical about it, if they went by God's standards of sin, they were probably pretty horrible.
If we look at ourselves, we are probably as guilty or worse than they were. We however are under grace not the law. Jesus died and rose again to forgive all our sins and make salvation possible. In many ways, we have a real advantage over them, because after Jesus, we became a lot more aware of God.
Grace is not a license to sin, but a reflection of God's love for us. Treasure it, and make praise and thanksgiving, a big part of your life.
Remember Jesus Loves You
Yahweh bless the and keep thee
Yahweh causes face to shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee
Yahweh lift up his face unto thee, and appoint unto thee peace.