Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Operate At Your Level

Greetings My Friends;
Just what does that mean? It is simple and helps a lot to understand what I am talking about.
I think most of us have seen preachers on TV, or have heard about the famous old-time preachers. We marvel at some of the unbelievable things they did.
There were for instance famous healers 100 years ago. Thousands and thousands of people were healed of all sorts of sicknesses. Miracles happened daily through the healing ministries.
Millions of people came to Christ through the evangelists. You see some great evangelists today. Most preachers can quote the Bible chapter and verse, and some can even recite the whole Bible from memory.
I guess I used to be a little envious of these people. The part that I was overlooking without even realizing it, seems like a no-brainer now. The people that you see or hear about, that are bringing thousands of people to the Lord, and operating healing ministries, pay a price that most of us including myself are not willing to pay.
I think it takes a special anointing from the Lord, and dedication that requires a very large percentage of your time and effort. I believe these people are called to do what they do, and receive some kind of special help from the Holy Spirit, in order to fulfill their mission.
I came to realize, just how ordinary I am. That's okay. I think we all have something that the Lord wants us to do. If He wanted us to be more than what we are,the Lord would have put on our heart just what that was. So the next time you see someone on TV, remember that he is doing what God told him to do, and if you really think about it, reflecting the light of Christ by being a good Christian, is a calling too.
Jesus loves us, just as much as he loves the highfliers.
God Bless You And Remember
 Jesus Loves You
Prayer of Salvation;
Father I truly repent for all my sins, and ask Jesus to come into my heart as my personal Savior, and to help me live my life according to His will.