Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Being A Real Christian

Greetings My Friends;
That may sound a little strange for a title, but as they say, there is method to my madness.
How many times have we been told to meditate on the Bible, not just read it? I knew what that meant, but I guess I really didn't know. Let me explain that statement this way. As with any words, many times a word will mean one thing to this person, and something else to someone else.
I know a man personally who probably memorized most, if not all of the Bible. He can recite chapter and verse, and is quite proud of being known as the Bible encyclopedia. To him, I would guess that meditating on the word meant concentrating on the words in order to memorize them. It seems there are many parts of the Bible where the concept totally escaped him. There are key truths in the Bible, that he does not accept, and will get into a somewhat heated discussion defending what he thinks.
Like many people and religions, he believes that many things that are in the Bible were for the time of Christ in order to get converts to the church. For instance, he believes things like healing, and other miracles, do not apply today.
Personally I think if you don't memorize the whole Bible, but know the heart of it in your heart, you are pleasing to God. What works for me is, I pretend I am one of the early disciples of Jesus. Everything He told His disciples at the time, I believe applies to me. Jesus didn't tell His disciples that everything He talked about and gave them was over when He died.
He made statements like, do this in memory of me, or when I go back to my father, you will do greater works that I in my name. Does that sound like He meant that everything He did and suffered was to be over? I think not.
We need to get to the heart of God's Word, and meditate with a clear, prayerful heart, and do what He says we are to do. Sometimes it is hard to keep our two cents or opinions out of it. Sometimes we try to analyze what God was thinking, and interpret what we read. He knew what He meant, and does not need us to second-guess.
Solution: take what the Word says and believe. The next thing is to act on what you know is true. Just follow the Word.
Remember Jesus Loves You
Numbers 6:21 – 24
" The Lord bless you and keep you;
 The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you His peace.