Sunday, March 30, 2014

Look To Jesus

Greetings My Friends;
Have you ever really noticed what you are bombarded with on TV or in junk mail?
Commercials are telling you about all types of miracle solutions to problems you didn't even know you had. It kind of reminds me of stories about the old snake oil peddlers from years ago.
Advertisers prey on people's problems. If no problem exists, they will create one in your mind. One product will take care of a memory problem you didn't even know you had until  they told you that you had one. Improve your eyesight, sleep better, cure all your ailments, etc.
It seems a favorite target is the people who are overweight. A number of companies peddle what amounts to a magic bullet. Take their pills and lose as much weight as you want. You don't even have to change your lifestyle.
As with all of the sure cures, the only thing that gets better is the company's bottom line. A few people do get better in their own minds, because they believe the product works, and that eliminates the fear that caused the problem in the first place.
Well my friends, I am here to tell you about a real cure for any problem you have. It won't even cost you a penny. That solution is Jesus Christ. You see, God created you absolutely perfect in every way. satan messed everything up, when he caused Adam and Eve to sin.
God was not very happy where that left man, so He sent His only son to make everything right again. Jesus paid a heavy price to redeem us. He suffered, died and rose again in order to make us right with God.
Many of us don't realize what that meant to us. Through Jesus suffering and death, we again became what God created us to be. However, satan still operates in this world. He is trying to sell you things that he says will solve all your problems. The cost for what he sells is eternal damnation.
Jesus on the other hand can and will take care of all your problems. The cost? Believe and trust in Him. Besides receiving all He has for you, He also includes eternal life.
Jesus Christ is the real deal. Don't fall for a cheap imitation. It is your choice, how you live, and where you spend eternity.
Remember Jesus Loves You
Yahweh bless you and keep you
Yahweh cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you
Yahweh lift up His face up to you, and appoint unto you peace.