Monday, March 3, 2014

Pride and Forgiveness

Greetings My Friends;
The Bible tells us that pride is a sin. It also tells us we should love one another and forgive those who hurt us in some way. While we are at it, we are not to judge anyone.
Something most of us don't give a thought to, is that all of these sins, are a part of the same package. Let me explain.
When someone hurts your feelings for instance, pride makes you angry. You judge this person as inconsiderate or maybe ignorant or mean. It is hard to forgive, or to love this person, but you pray about it, and let's say you forgive this person, in your mind.
As time goes by, there are other incidents, so the whole process is repeated. The difference this time is, the new incident brings to mind all past incidents. Just when you start thinking that you are happy that you forgave, satan hits you with another incident, and here we go again.
As long as old memories keep coming back, I believe we have not truly forgiven. When Jesus forgives us, He says he will remember it no more. Forgive with no limit, with your heart. I just came to grips with this recently in my own life, and felt compelled to pass it on. Now I know what really forgiving someone is.
Praise the Lord!
God Bless You And Remember
Jesus Loves You
Prayer of Salvation;
Father, I come to you a sinner, and I ask forgiveness. I truly repent, and believe with all my heart that Jesus died and rose again. I also believe I am washed in His blood, forgiven of all my sins, and by his stripes I am healed. With all my heart I accept Jesus as my personal savior.