Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Message

Greetings My Friends;
Over the last seven months, I have written about a number of things. As I said many times, I feel the Holy Spirit put them in my heart.
It all started because I wanted to help people understand a number of things that puzzled me in the past. I tried to keep everything as honest as anything can be. When I write about personal experiences or thoughts, you are getting the whole true story.
I tried to give the message in a simple way, because I am a simple guy. I always try not to preach, because I am not a preacher. I write the way I think, keep it simple and honest.
Over the last several months, people from many countries have read my messages. I feel with all of my heart that the Holy Spirit led each of them for reasons known to the Holy Spirit. We are all one through Christ who loves us, so why not believe that we are led.
In trying to help other people, I found out that I was helping myself. I found out many things I never realized before. My eyes were opened to things I never saw before. I found myself searching even more in my quest for the truth.
My oldest son helps me by doing the computer stuff. He had a Bible I gave him, several inspirational books, a number of CDs, all of which he didn't have time for. They just gathered dust. When I started doing this, he was very encouraging and volunteered to help.
He reads every message, and edits it, and does his thing with the computer. I really don't know how much time he spends on these messages, but whatever it is he does it without fail. I have a new son. He now has a preacher or two that he watches. The Lord has blessed him and his wife in so many ways, it seems like a dream.
The Holy Spirit will lead you if you make up your mind to follow. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying my message affected my son like that. I am saying that the Holy Spirit opened the eyes of someone who was helping to do His work, and blessed them. My son is so committed to this, that if I wanted to stop, he would fight that idea as long as it took.
I am starting with videos twice a week. The video is on a different subject than the written message. The video goes into things a little deeper than the written message, because it is easier for some people that way.
I want to sincerely thank all of the people who read or watch these messages. Sometimes when I am attacked by satan, and get a little discouraged, you guys are what really helps me fight him. If you find a message that talks to you, please pass it on to someone you love. Once again. Thank you so much, and please keep me in your prayers.
God Bless You And Remember
 Jesus Loves You
Prayer of Salvation;
"Oh God in Heaven, I believe with all of my heart that Jesus has been raised from the dead. I receive Your Word, and I repent of sin. I renounce the past. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus. I receive my forgiveness. I receive the new birth, cleansed and washed in the Word and in the precious blood of Jesus. Fill me with Your Spirit, in Jesus name. Amen"