Monday, August 26, 2013

Child Meets Angel

Greetings, My Friends;
This is a story about two little girls, and their encounter with a stranger in the year 1951. Rita was 7 and her sister Margie was 6. Whenever they were together, Rita was in charge because she was older.
One Sunday as they were leaving church, they saw a girl from school named Virginia. Virginia was probably the most popular girl in school, so when she asked Rita if she wanted to go home with her, Rita couldn't believe her ears. She was so excited that Virginia would want her company that without thinking, she quickly said yes.
Poor Margie had no choice but to follow Rita. Rita, by the way, was very accustomed to acting on impulse. At the time she knew all to well that if she was late coming home from church, she would face an angry mother. Being Virginia's friend was worth it in her disobedient little mind.
As the 3 girls walked along, they were busy talking and laughing. Rita and Margie paid no attention to where they were going. When they got to Virginia's House, she said goodbye and ran into the house, leaving Rita and Margie standing there like 2 little dummies in shock.
Rita’s little heart sank into despair. Not only was she in big trouble with her mother, but Virginia played a nasty trick on her and Margie. Poor little Margie, had no idea what was happening. Now what are we going to do Rita thought, my mom is going to kill me.
When they turned around to go home, nothing looked familiar. They were lost. They kept walking until they got to a lagoon. They had no idea where they were going. They were petrified.
The girls started to cry. They were lost and afraid of what their mother would say. What if they could never find their home again? They cried so hard, tears looked like raindrops falling into the lagoon. Finally, they saw a man looking at them. The girls thought he looked ancient. He was about 60 years old. His face was kind and sweet, and he had a small neat beard. He had a warm smile and his eyes kind of sparkled. He wore a nice suit and vest. It didn't look new, but he looked elegant anyway. He gave them the impression that everything was all right.
In spite of their mother's warnings not to talk to strangers, they did not run away. When he approached them, he asked in a soft, gentle way, why they were crying. They told him that they were lost, and did not know how to get home. He asked where they lived, but they didn't know. He asked where they came from, and they mentioned the name of the church. He took their hands gently, and they started to walk. After a couple of blocks they were at the church. At that point they knew how to get home. They turned around to thank him, but he was nowhere in sight.
To this day, Rita, who happens to be my wife, is convinced that that kind man was really an angel. I guess I am convinced too.
God bless you, and remember,
Jesus loves you.
Prayer of Salvation;

"Oh God in heaven, I believe with all of my heart that Jesus has been raised from the dead. I receive your word, and I repent of sin. I renounce the past. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus. I receive my forgiveness. I receive the new birth, cleansed and washed in the word and in the precious blood of Jesus. Fill me with your spirit, in Jesus name. Amen."