Thursday, May 16, 2013

Understanding The Bible

Greetings, my friends.
I happened to be sitting around doing absolutely nothing, as a lot of retired people do. In desperation for something to do, I started to think. My thoughts took me back to when I first started to read the Bible.
I had an old King James, that had never had a page turned. I had no idea where to start, so I picked Jeremiah. Boy, did I struggle. You would think it was written in Greek or some other very difficult foreign language.
After several frustrating attempts to make sense, out of it, I gave up. Several months later, my wife was watching, and old-time preacher, so I sat down too. Three seconds later he really came up with a good one. He said, the Bible is so easy to understand, a five year-old could do it. There was my answer. I was not five years old. Just kidding. It would be years before I would try that again.
One day, I still moved to conquer this Bible. I was not going to let all the five year-olds be smarter than me.
I was on a quest. I went to a Christian bookstore and told the clerk about my problem. He suggested the amplified Bible. It really helped, but I still ran into some question. It was then I found the study Bible. At last help in understanding. I then started to buy different versions, and compared the experts explaining things. There are differences.
I next bought a Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, English bible dictionary.   Strongs concordance came next.  I didn't want to leave a single stone unturned.  I finally found an ESV spirit filled study Bible that became my number one Bible.
About a year ago, I bought an MP3 player for about $50. It came loaded with the entire Bible.   I have the new King James version.   You can take it anywhere.   Use it when you don't feel like reading.   I started listening to it while reading the same Scripture.   It was kind of like a double shot.   I really enjoy doing it that way.
Another item you can find for as little as $50 or $60,  is a set of CDs that cover the entire Bible.   If you have a problem reading, listening would be very good for you. The cheapest method I have found is a DVD of the Bible that not only shows you the Scripture on TV,  but it reads it out loud.  The cost for this DVD is about $30.   These  items can be purchased from, or any good Christian book store.   I hope this helps you to avoid some of the frustration that I experienced.
God bless you and remember,  Jesus loves you.
Prayer of salvation;   Jesus, I accept you as my personal Savior, and I ask you to come into me and take over my life.   Thank you Lord Jesus for dying on the cross for me,   wiping away all my sins, and giving me eternal life.   I want to do your will, for the rest of my life.