Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Creation

Well, here I am again in the great outdoors. Mine is the city version, and my yard is the place.
We have a pretty decent size garden. We have tomatoes, green peppers, and eggplant. The best part however,   is all of the berry plants. We don't have the space or location to grow from seeds, so we do what most people, do that is to buy plants.
It's amazing how the berry plants came back to life with the coming of spring. Think about how amazing the full process is. A seed grows up to be what its parent was. It gets nutrients from the ground, the rain comes, and sun shines. The plant grows up and produces a fruit or vegetable, just as it was programmed to do.
Do you think all of this originally happened by accident? Look around. There are so many marvels, to consider. Your lungs take a breath; your body uses the oxygen in every part of your body. Your brain needs it to stay alive. Look at your body. It is incredibly complicated with all of the cells, organs, and blood. Everything has a precise job to do, including reproduction.
When you start to look at all of the other living creatures, and the varied systems they all have, in many ways we operate alike. Billions of individual cells that die and are replaced exactly. Take the air we breathe and the system that produces it. The sun and how it is exactly the right distance from Earth, so we do not cook or freeze. All of the planets staying in their assigned positions. Water without which we could not survive. The way bodies and plants use it.
When you stop to consider how each thing is made, and each part functions precisely, it is unbelievable. I personally believe it all boils down to the existence of an Almighty Creator. I just cannot accept that all these billions of exact cells, arranged and functioning the way they do, is the result of random chance, space dust or anything else.
Man considers himself so smart that he doesn't need or believe in God. Let  man duplicate everything exactly as God did it. He cannot do even one, let alone the other billions and billions.
I believe in an Almighty Creator.
Lord Jesus, I take you as my personal Savior. I believe you died on the cross to wash away my sins, to bring me salvation, and to heal me of all afflictions. You rose from the dead so that I may have eternal life. Come into my life, and help me to do your will.