Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Pond

At 5 AM this morning, I went outside to have my quiet time with the Lord. I had my special coffee and my swing. What more could you ask?
The birds were singing as usual. It was very peaceful. As I was enjoying all of this, I looked over at the pond. It needed to be cleaned and water put in.
The pond goes back about 12 years. My sons and I constructed it for my wife for mother’s day. It isn't very big, but it is nice. We put it in what used to be a piece of ground in front of our living room window.
It was hard work, but we all did it with love in our hearts, and thinking and talking about how much their mother would enjoy it. It took 2 days, and was designed as we went along. When it was finished, the reaction from my wife, their mother, made all the effort seem like nothing.
Over the years, the pond has required regular maintenance. I have put tons and tons of different kinds of River rock to try to make it look natural. We plant different kinds of things to look like nature. It can't beat what is natural, but it is a fair representation.
Today I took the pressure washer and cleaned the whole thing. I had to reposition some of the cobble, because there are a couple of stray cats that use the pond as their water hole. We tried putting fish in it a couple of times, but the raccoons got them so we stopped. My wife gets a kick out of the fact that the birds come to drink and splash around like a bunch of little kids.
Back to the work part. It's after getting clean water and setting up the altar, I turned it on. The sound of both small waterfalls is so relaxing. It could put you to sleep. I haven't planted yet, but in a few days my wife and I will do it together.
My wife still wasn't. She says that the pond is beautiful, but what still warms her heart is the love that made it. The great attitude by her family, no matter how hard the work was. I guess the Lord feels that way when we do something for someone else. When we do, we are reflecting his love. I found out that whatever you do, work included, do it with a good attitude and love for the Lord. He put you there as part of his plan.
One final thought. About 4 years ago, we had to replace the liner, because it leaked. We had to take everything apart and do the whole job all over again. It's amazing, having to re-do a job that was done correctly the first time, and no one complains.
When my wife and I are swinging and listening to the water, and she says." I love my pond.   That really warms my heart.
Jesus, I accept you as my personal Savior, and I ask you to come into me and take over my life. .Fill me with the Holy Spirit and manifest yourself in my life. I believe Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead to wash away my sins, and to give me eternal life.
God bless you and remember,
 Jesus loves you.