Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hindrances to Knowing God

It Is Written, Psalm 10:4, the wicked in his proud countenance  does not seek God;  God is in none of his thoughts.
Proverbs 16:18,  pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.
There are as many excuses for rejecting God, as there are people. The most common reasons are pride, stubbornness, fear of what others will say, and an unwillingness to alter lifestyle, just to name a few. If you confront most unbelievers with this, they will either deny that they fit this description, or just get plain angry.
Since many people deny the existence of God, they had to come up with different ways to explain the universe, the Earth, and us. Some of the explanations require a great imagination. Dust from a big bang that ultimately created everything, aliens, to one of my favorite, the universe and everything in it was created by itself, because it needed to. I wouldn't be surprised if someone gave the credit to Mickey Mouse.
Man in general finds it difficult to accept a greater being than himself. He wants to live by his own rules, and not be responsible to anyone for anything. Man gets pumped up and exaggerates his own intelligence, and becomes his own God. He feels he can do it all by himself, he doesn't need God. I guess if you feel you are God, there is no reason to look for another. Have a blessed day. Praise the Lord!
Remember Jesus Loves You
Prayer of Salvation
Lord Jesus, I thank you for what you did on the cross for me. Your blood washed away all my sins, by your stripes I was healed, your death and resurrection brought me salvation. Please forgive my sins, and come into my heart as my personal Savior.
Thank You