Thursday, March 24, 2016

Good Friday-The Crucifixion

Matthew Chapters 26 and 27
This Friday we remember the crucifixion of Jesus, and the events leading up to it.  For many years I never really paid much attention to it, until I came to be a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  One of the three most important days in the history of mankind, especially Christians, has gone unnoticed by many people.  The other two important days are the Resurrection and Christmas.
Have you ever stopped to realize that the crucifixion was something that Jesus went through many times?  Let me explain that.  When Jesus was here He was a man, with all the feelings of a man.  He however knew what was going to happen.  Being human, it had to work on His mind, and that would be pure torture, even for Him.  It would be like reliving a bad dream, only it was worse for Him because it was yet to come.  He was so stressed in the garden, that He sweat blood.  See note at the end.
The Gospels describe scouraging in such a way that it can only be described as unbelievably horrible.  Isaiah 53 is a narrative that gives a pretty gruesome picture.
The whole point of the crucifixion was that Jesus died for our sins, and took our penalty, so we wouldn't have to.  His blood washed away our sins, and by His beatings, we were healed.  What He did for us, put us in right standing with God, and paved the way for our salvation.
With almost everyone all through history hating Him, and some even joyful about His treatment and death, He sacrificed himself anyway.  He could have just walked away without going through what He did, but He obviously didn't.
Jesus knew that if He took the easy way, we would spend eternity with satan in hell.  He loves us too much to even give that a thought.  Only God knows why He loves us so much, or why He sent His son to be punished in our place.
I don't know about anyone else, but when I think of what Jesus went through, it grieves my heart.  If you take the time to really think about what His suffering really did for us, I'm sure it will touch you in a profound way.
NOTE!  A medical condition known as Hematidrosis, is the effusion of blood in perspiration, caused by extreme anguish or physical strain. Subcutaneous capillaries dilate and burst mingling blood with sweat.
I include that note, in case there are some skeptics, that don't believe it's possible to sweat blood.  Once again, it is what the Bible says it is.  Have a blessed day. Praise the Lord!
Remember Jesus Loves You
Prayer of Salvation
Lord Jesus, I thank you for what you did on the cross for me.  Your blood washed away all my sins, by your stripes I was healed, your death and resurrection brought me salvation.  Please forgive my sins, and come into my heart as my personal Savior.
Thank You Lord